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UNICAMP & TU Delft -- Dual Degree PhD’s in biobased economy

Objetivos do Projeto

A dual degree program between TU Delft and UNICAMP?

In 2013, Delft University of Technology (The Netherlands) and University of Campinas (Brazil) initiated a “Dual Degree PhD program”, as part of their extensive collaboration which has been on-going for more than a decade. This program is focussed on biobased economy, i.e. on biofuels and biochemicals. Both universities believe this program provides an excellent opportunity for students looking for international
experience in addition to intensifying the academic collaboration between research groups.

So what exactly is a dual degree PhD?

-It’s a four year PhD project with joint supervision, following normal PhD regulations from both universities.
-And the PhD candidate divides the time between TU Delft and UNICAMP (at least one year abroad).
-The research should result in one (English) thesis and, if possible, one (English) defence.
-And when successful, two separate doctoral diplomas will be issued, referring to joint supervision.

And how about funding?

Of course, there is funding required for scholarship, project-related expenses and (bench/tuition) fees. Where possible, we aim to use project funds, either from public bodies (e.g. CAPES, FAPESP, NWO, BE-Basic, etc.) or private partners. In addition, a limited number of TU Delft scholarships are available.

How do I initiate this?

The first step is to define your innovative project idea and identify which professors from TU Delft and UNICAMP could be potential supervisors. To help you write down your project idea, we have made a template. And the TU Delft Brazil office can help you in establishing contact with either TU Delft or UNICAMP. Once you have found two interested supervisors, you create a joint proposal (which includes the proposed research, funding and CV’s of student and supervisors) which will be submitted to a Steering Committee (with members from TU Delft and UNICAMP) for approval. If approved, the TU Delft Brazil office will help you in setting up the formal agreements.

And where can I find more information?

For more information, click here or contact us via brandini (at) nipe.unicamp.br .

The Dual Degree Fellows Club

The DD Club is comprised of alumni enroled in the Dual Degree Program. It aims to strengthen the bond amongst the members of this fellowship, at the same time that aims to divulgate the program to new potential candidates.